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1. Monkey Rave Production is looking for MID/SENIOR artists! Our technical pipeline revolves around Side FX Houdini and the Foundry Nuke software. So proficiency in these tools is a key requirement. As an agile-based studio with a flat structure, we value collaboration and cross-functional teams. We are currently seeking individuals who demonstrate a strong curiosity to grow in various areas and find our workflow to be a good fit for their professional aspirations.

Salary ranges for these positions:

MID: 550 000 - 800 000 drams
SENIOR: 800 000 - 1 000 000 drams

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We attempt to catch all your emails, but some of them slip through the cracks. Please write to us again if you have not been answered.

2. Character animator

Who we need:

• A character animator with experience in realistic animation of human or animal body mechanics
• A character animator with "acting performance" skills

What do we have to animate:

• Digital doubles for stunt scenes (mostly body mechanics for action scenes)
• Beasts (action with facial animation and realistic body mechanics)
• Humanoid creatures / aliens (body mechanics for action scenes and facial animation based on a ready-made reference)
• A bit of machinery, flying and not only

What the projects are:

All projects are big screen movies and TV series for streaming platforms, always with an emphasis on realism in all its aspects

Form of collaboration:

• Various forms of work from remote to in-house are considered
• The basis is project-based, with mutual desire with switching from the current project to the next

Working format:

• Classic with feedback from animation supervisor via Syncsketch
• In-studio - working in the studio together with the team


• Depending on the project, Maya or Blender is required
• Ability to use both software programs is highly welcome
• Ability/willingness to learn unfamiliar digital content creation tools is welcome
• We love those who know how to use Houdini, but don't insist

Would be a plus if:

• You have experience in working with mocap
• You can shoot or search for animation references for your shots
• You know how to rig or have a basic understanding
• Any other cross-functionality is welcome


• Yerevan

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